Live Vehicle Tracking

Assigns high accuracy and high power GPS device and receiver to point your vehicle on digital map

In-Vehicle Attendance

Enables to know the traveler's boarding status through RFID readers installed in the vehicles

Pick/Drop Notification

Get instant alerts on boarding/deboarding at the pickup/drop point

Set Pick-up and drop off alert time

Enables users to set alert on app as per predefined time as vehicle approaches to the point

Over Speed Alert

Employ safe driving and get alerted about harsh driving, wrong routes etc.. on priority

Absent Alert

Parents, School Authorities, and Vehicle coordinator are alerted in case of attendance not marked

Delay Notification Alert

In case of any unexpected delay vehicle coordinator can send notification to all concern

Route Adherence

Coming soon so that designated recipients will get alerted in case of vehicle's route deviation

SOS/Panic Button

The SOS button available in the vehicle is an added advantage to send instant alerts during an emergency

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Know The ETA Of vehicle before approaches to Pick-Up In Morning And Drop-Off In Evening

Trip Tracking

It provides complete trip tracking by Geo-fencing of all stoppage to the designated trip, trip start/stop info

Instant Communication

Enabling quick call between defined entities by a single click on app.Coming soon with chat messenger ..


Real Time Updates

We deploy a reliable and responsive hardware in which location/GPS calculations are proven for higher accuracy. Location updates in each 15-30 seconds.

Hardware Integration

Panic Button, GPS Camera, and RFID reader

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